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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: project ./cordova folder scripts
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 21:30:35 GMT
Related to this (but not answering your question in any way, Jesse), is
that logging all console.logs from the app to the command line will
require similar hoops for BlackBerry. Pretty much something like running a
local server, listening for messages XHR'ed/socket'ed from the app.

Is this the kind of tooling we want to build here?

On 5/16/12 2:23 PM, "Jesse" <> wrote:

>I have posted a comment on the JIRA issue for this [0] but need
>clarification, so I am restating it here.
>The closest thing to documentation on the CLI stuff is here [1], but it
>does not cover any of the details pertaining to the JIRA issue.
>My questions are as follows :
>1. The iOS version of 'debug' seem to be able to build any project via
>args, is this a requirement?
>or because the template includes the scripts, can it be simplified to just
>build the project that is in?
>ie. Should I be able to navigate to the folder that contains A.xcodeproj
>and build B.xcodeproj which is somewhere else on the file system?
>2. For WP7 I have had to write a command line application in order to
>install and launch the app on a device or emulator, should this exe be
>copied over for every project I create?
>OR do I need to write an installer to place it in a specific location that
>I can depend on?
>OR can I assume the user has added it to their path, and simply fail if I
>cannot launch it?
>3. In order to capture console messages from the device or emulator, I
>to open a socket in the command line app, and listen for messages passed
>back to echo them.
>This also means that the application being logged has to include code to
>open the socket and write data back to it, which seems like a lot of
>overhead. Also the emulator or device does not know the hostname of the
>machine that launched it, so this data needs to be passed in via Isolated
>Storage so it can open the socket.
>Is it acceptable to add this much extra code to enable logging back to the
>console that launched it?
>As it is, I have all the pieces working, I just need to know how exactly
>put them together.

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