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From Jesse <>
Subject Re: project ./cordova folder scripts
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 21:51:58 GMT
Pending any further discussion, here is what I am planning:

1. debug script will build and launch the current project only
2. CordovaDeploy.exe will need to be in the path, this will be documented,
and a friendly error message will be output to the command line to state
the same.
3. Defer the console logging stuff to 1.9, or some later date, so I can
move forward, and not make major modifications to the library project.

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:

> Related to this (but not answering your question in any way, Jesse), is
> that logging all console.logs from the app to the command line will
> require similar hoops for BlackBerry. Pretty much something like running a
> local server, listening for messages XHR'ed/socket'ed from the app.
> Is this the kind of tooling we want to build here?
> On 5/16/12 2:23 PM, "Jesse" <> wrote:
> >I have posted a comment on the JIRA issue for this [0] but need
> >clarification, so I am restating it here.
> >
> >The closest thing to documentation on the CLI stuff is here [1], but it
> >does not cover any of the details pertaining to the JIRA issue.
> >
> >My questions are as follows :
> >
> >1. The iOS version of 'debug' seem to be able to build any project via
> >args, is this a requirement?
> >or because the template includes the scripts, can it be simplified to just
> >build the project that is in?
> >ie. Should I be able to navigate to the folder that contains A.xcodeproj
> >and build B.xcodeproj which is somewhere else on the file system?
> >
> >2. For WP7 I have had to write a command line application in order to
> >install and launch the app on a device or emulator, should this exe be
> >copied over for every project I create?
> >OR do I need to write an installer to place it in a specific location that
> >I can depend on?
> >OR can I assume the user has added it to their path, and simply fail if I
> >cannot launch it?
> >
> >3. In order to capture console messages from the device or emulator, I
> >have
> >to open a socket in the command line app, and listen for messages passed
> >back to echo them.
> >This also means that the application being logged has to include code to
> >open the socket and write data back to it, which seems like a lot of
> >overhead. Also the emulator or device does not know the hostname of the
> >machine that launched it, so this data needs to be passed in via Isolated
> >Storage so it can open the socket.
> >Is it acceptable to add this much extra code to enable logging back to the
> >console that launched it?
> >
> >
> >As it is, I have all the pieces working, I just need to know how exactly
> >to
> >put them together.
> >
> >
> >[0]
> >
> >ment-13277070
> >[1]
> >
> >--
> >@purplecabbage
> >


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