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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: API function: Open url in system web browser
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 09:40:40 GMT
> The method I'm proposing
> assumes all link events are trapped, inspected for a url param, and in
> its absence, falls back to default behavior. Maybe thats not
> realistic. Seems like both iOS and Android do not trap the target
> attribute. Which means we'd need to add a url param so that trap is
> caught.

It is not entirely a question of "nastiness" in adding a url param
with regards to why it won't work in iOS (although imo I don't like
it) - I have already presented valid technical reasons.

With respect to achieving all our goals - not introducing a new API,
and fixing this bug that sorely needs fixing - ChildBrowser like you
proposed is the better bet then. So what should be the plan for this?

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