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From Brian>
Subject Re: API addition: application version
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 17:09:55 GMT
> Do we really need to make this async?

no, no. thought we'd normally stay away from sync calls to the native
bridge if we could. perf wise. etc.

> The only upside to async is that we
> can request the information lazily.

oh, well I disagree here too! but lets save that for another day, like never.

> On the original bug, , I also
> proposed using the widget interface for this, so am generally in favor of
> that approach.

always agree if we can use an existing standard and anything thats
close the widget spec or packaging business we're seeing out of
webapps makes sense

> I also wondered whether we'd need/want to make a distinction between a
> version number stamped in an app's .xml file and the version number that
> the operating system knows about, which may be different.  Will folks ever
> need the actual version registered with the native app, for purposes of
> upgrading, or registering with some service or anything?

I think the number a person declares might be a thing that is used
differently than the runtime it has been packaged with... and a little
earnest afraid we're getting very little traction from config.xml with
exception to PhoneGap/Build... maybe the tools change that

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