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From Emmanuel Engelhart <>
Subject Re: [cordova-qt] first steps - compilation issue
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 14:41:21 GMT
Thank you Jeff for your hint. Thought I would have a way without 
compiling Qt5 on my own. So, I have followed the instructions: 
unfortunately qt5 does not compile on my computer:

g++ -c -pipe -O2 -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -Wall 
-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -I../../../qtbase/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. 
-I../../../qtbase/include/QtCore -I../../../qtbase/include 
-I../../include/QtContacts/5.0.0/QtContacts -I../../include 
-I../../include/QtContacts -I../../include -I.rcc/release-shared 
-Idetails -I. -Iengines -Ifilters -Irequests -I.moc/release-shared -o 
.obj/release-shared/qcontactmanagerengine.o qcontactmanagerengine.cpp
qcontactmanager.cpp: In function ‘QMetaMethod 
QtContacts::proxyToSourceSignal(const QMetaMethod&, QObject*)’:
qcontactmanager.cpp:896:61: error: ‘const class QMetaMethod’ has no 
member named ‘methodSignature’
qcontactmanager.cpp: In member function ‘void 
QtContacts::QContactManager::disconnectNotify(const QMetaMethod&)’:
qcontactmanager.cpp:924:34: error: ‘isSignalConnected’ was not declared 
in this scope


On 05/31/2012 02:46 PM, Jeff Tranter wrote:
> Emmanuel:
> Have a look at the instructions here and see if they help:
> On 12-05-31 07:55 AM, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new with cordova *and* Qt and wanted to compile the cordova-qt stub
>> app. I use Ubuntu 12.04 and the Qt5 packages coming from the Nokia
>> Ubuntu PPA. I have cloned the cordova-qt code from github. To open the
>> file, I have had to install the qtcreator of qt4, and also
>> of course the qt4 qmake (no package for qt5). I tried to compile
>> cordova-qt in qtcreator, but I failed. The problem is that it does not
>> find the QFeedbackHapticsEffect.h, line 22 in notifications.cpp. As far
>> as I have understood , qtcreator tries to compile cordova-qt in qt4
>> mode. It should not, but no idea how to change that :(
>> Does someone knows what I should do now to get cordova-qt compiling
>> against qt5.
>> Regards
>> Emmanuel

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