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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Pluginization FTW
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 21:36:05 GMT
Just a quick note, the RIM guys have talked in passing (nothing official -
just what I have heard on the interwebz) about actually converting BB
WebWorks to more of a (current) cordova implementation, re: single
extension for everything. So in terms of being "more compliant" to what
WebWorks recommends, what we're doing currently, as far as I understand,
may actually be better. Heh.

Perhaps Gord/Dan/Ken/Laurent can comment on that in more detail and more
authority than I can.

On 4/18/12 1:58 PM, "Drew Walters" <> wrote:

>I've been experimenting with what it would look like for Cordova
>BlackBerry to be modified such that all the API are separated out into
>plugins. For those that want to cut to the chase, here's my repo:
>This repo is a representation of what the binary download would be for
>the end user and is not a fork of either cordova-js or
>cordova-blackberry-webworks.  Without being able to see the change
>history it might be difficult to tell what I've done so I'll provide
>some high level details here:
>1. Separated the native code and associated JavaScript into
>independent WebWorks extensions.  Previously there was only a single
>extension.  This allows us to make use of the BlackBerry WebWorks
>framework build/config tools which handle packaging up only the
>necessary code when building an app.
>2. All Cordova JavaScript is injected from the native side. No need to
>include cordova.js in your application, all the Cordova JavaScript is
>loaded before the applications pages load.
>3. WebWorks Extension API is hidden behind the existing Cordova Plugin
>interface.  Plugin developer doesn't really need to know that they are
>developing a WebWorks extension.  The only new interface requirement
>for a plugin is to invoke a new constructor.
>4. JavaScript API are defined as modules (no change) and can
>additionally call cordova.addPlugin(...) or cordova.mergePlugin(...)
>to override/merge global namespace.
>5. Installation of Cordova is a simple matter of copying a folder to
>the WebWorks SDK ext folder.
>6. Installation of a Cordova plugin is a simple matter of copying a
>folder to the WebWorks SDK ext folder.
>7. Enabling a Cordova plugin requires specifying the feature id in
>projects config.xml. plugins.xml is not used.
>Ok, that's a quick brain dump. The README contains a few more details.
>I plan on eventually pushing branches to my forks for cordova-js and
>cordova-blackberry-webworks which will show the actual code changes.

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