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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Conversation of mobile-spec tests to jasmine
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 19:49:05 GMT
Hey everyone,

It is complete. Tests are where they should be at: I have the same tests
failing/passing in my jasmine rework branch as the master branch (at least
for Android).

It is on my fork under the "jasmine" branch:

Can platform maintainers load this version of mobile-spec up on their
respective devices and see how it works out for you? Would love to get

Thanks all,

On 4/7/12 12:27 PM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:

>Filed this as
>On 4/4/12 4:02 PM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:
>>I'll help out. We can do full testing when I head over to Kingston next
>>week and hopefully merge it in that week?
>>On 4/4/12 12:47 PM, "Gord Tanner" <> wrote:
>>>Hello everyone,
>>>I started porting the mobile-spec tests to jasmine to get around the X
>>>of Y passed, where Y is some number between 0 and useless.
>>>You can see my work done here:
>>>Currently converted:
>>>- Accelerometer
>>>- Battery
>>>- Camera
>>>- Capture
>>>- Compass
>>>- Contacts (this one hurt)
>>>- Device
>>>I got to file and stopped in sheer terror of converting a 2000 line file
>>> The other tests should come together quickly.
>>>I wanted to give a formal heads up that I was working on this and to beg
>>>for help on the file tests.
>>>Also I have only been testing on the PlayBook to make sure the tests run
>>>we should probably have a couple other platforms run these tests to make
>>>sure the tests run on those platforms (they should but better safe than

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