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From Paul Spencer <>
Subject CordovaLib 1.6.0 iOS problem
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 19:00:18 GMT
Hi.  I'm trying to integrate Cordova into an existing iOS application as a
tab.  Due to conflicts with JSONKit and another library I am using, I am
trying to include CordovaLib.xcodeproj into my project rather than using
the framework.  So far, I have managed to add a tab with a UIViewController
containing a CDVViewController and it runs, loading the web page that gets
included with the template project (Hey, it's Cordova) and
cordova-1.6.0.js.  At that point, I get this in my xcode error log and I'm
pretty much stuck now.  What is NetworkStatus?  It seems to be an enum, not
a CDVPlugin.  What have I done wrong?

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.261 myapp[22380:13403] Device initialization:
(function() {                                     try {

Simulator","version":"5.1"});                                     } catch
(e) {                                         return "Error: executing
module function 'setInfo' in module 'cordova/plugin/ios/device'. Have you
included the iOS version of the cordova-1.6.0.js file?";
                  }                                })()*

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.267 **myapp**[22380:13403] execute class:NetworkStatus

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.269 **myapp**[22380:13403] arguments:

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.269 **myapp**[22380:13403] options: (null)*

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.270 **myapp**[22380:13403] ERROR: Plugin
'NetworkStatus' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping
in Cordova.plist.*

*2012-04-11 13:57:00.270 **myapp**[22380:13403] FAILED pluginJSON =

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