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From Shazron <>
Subject [iOS] Factoring out JavaScript code from Objective-C
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 18:58:40 GMT
We currently have to write out JavaScript from Objective-C, and these
strings can't be checked easily all in one place (note the bugs found
today slated for 1.6.1)

I'm proposing we either use:
1. NSLocalizedString [1][2] where the strings are in an external strings file
2. an Obj-C templating [3] solution that we need to create,
essentially the same as 1 but with more features, although that's more
3. Move all the JS strings into an Obj-C file as string constants

Items 1 and 2 require the .strings file to be in the user's
application potentially (I haven't tested whether loading strings from
the current framework bundle will work) and may be an upgrade
nightmare (and we don't want users to edit them).
Item 3 might be easiest, since it will all be baked-in.

My preference is 1 (if the framework bundle loading works), then 3.

[3] A bit of overkill though, Mustache for Obj-C:

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