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From Shazron <>
Subject ContactField
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 21:41:22 GMT
I'm attempting to fix:

These lines:

The problem is, in iOS some users are passing in the type and value
properties as numbers but not strings. These are passed in to Obj-C as
the same type (NSNumber) and are passed directly to the underlying
AddressBook framework untouched (it will require code to filter and
test for these props, and I'd rather not touch working code at this
point, and it's a lot of code if you look at it) but it will throw an
exception because it didn't expect a NSNumber. I know, it's really a
bug in their implementation but I'm asking for suggestions on how best
to fix this.

I'm thinking that I could just .toString() the properties and this
does solve the problem, but since this is common code I'm wondering
what the side effects are for the other platforms. Or should we punt
this and just say "don't do that!" for the problem?

As an aside, this is what I propose for the fix for example:

this.type = (type && type.toString()) || null;

It seems to work from my tests but I'm not exactly sure why (type &&
type.toString()) evaluates to a String (where it will evaluate that
expression when type is anything non-null) - something for wtfjs?

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