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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: Coho script
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 05:16:35 GMT
>> Even though I +1'ed above - I like the idea of each repo being
>> "buildable" without any other dependencies, even though it's a dupe. I
>> realize this is another step for maintainers adding the script in, but
>> hopefully adhering to a release checklist will help somewhat.
> Jesse and Shaz, I don't see it as being a hardship that you'd need to do
> build the JavaScript code then the platform specific code. However, if
> folks are worried about introducing a dependency the way I'd solve it, at
> least on Android, is to have the ant build script pull and build the latest
> JavaScript code. That way you always get the latest JS code and you don't
> have to check it into your platform specific repo.

I'm not really talking about us core devs, but the many other devs
that will need to pull our source. Right now it's just "make" for iOS,
but to build the js requires node as well - no biggie, we just have to
slot time for handling and doc'ing this which will eat up time to get
other things done in 2 weeks (?) for 1.7.0. Ideally I want the
Makefile in iOS to actually help with pulling down the node install,
install it, and install jake as well if possible - so that it's

>> One (tiny) possible problem with the release script auto grabbing the
>> latest tagged js is, there is a possibility that it just might contain
>> new changes that hasn't been tested which the maintainer has not
>> signed off on (ie tested). But we might be able to mitigate this by
>> always releasing a rc build that gets tested again, before the
>> "official" release.
> I don't see that as being a problem, rather I see it as an improvement. If
> we are going with a common JS across all the platforms then each of the
> platform specific cordova.js should be built with the same set of commits.
> The way things are now where we build in check in the js to each platform
> may/does result with the iOS version being 3 commits ahead of the
> BlackBerry one, for example. That just smells wrong to me.

Hmm I believe each repo builds off a tag (or should), so I don't see
where you think for example the iOS version can be X commits ahead,
they should be identical. I know its a "sync" problem among N
maintainers which can be a nightmare. But the possibility I brought up
is still real - you can get a version out there that is not
tested/vouched for.

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