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From Brian>
Subject Re: testing across all platforms for cordova-js changes
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 18:56:18 GMT
> Howzabout spinning up a PhoneGap Build-ish server for devs, where you can
> somehow submit a branch (from GitHub, Apache, whatever) with your
> cordova-js commits on it, and at least get "binaries" back you could test
> with a simulator, or on a real device.  The next step would be to run some
> tests automagically on them, against some bank of devices, and have them
> report back, which seems like a lot of work.  Or do we have friends out
> there in the "test your mobile app" space that could help us out with that
> bit?

Problem is, PhoneGap/Build isn't edge Cordova... its always a bit
behind. =/ So any automation will need to be built by us (which I
think we should do too) and crowd sourcing the actual testing of it
seems a good way.

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