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From Paul Plaquette <>
Subject Re: Cordova Port on Tizen
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 08:53:20 GMT

Hi folks,

An update on cordova-tizen port.

As suggested we are investigating callback-js.
Who may help us with question we may have on it?

We are still progressing on our "legacy" JavaScript shim-layer
(notifications were committed, and contacts will be asap after the last 
release of the Tizen SDK train)

How could we contribute to Cordova APIs evolution?

How could we get information on future Cordova plug in architecture?


On 13/03/2012 11:59, Paul Plaquette wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We’d like to advertise our on-going effort of porting PhoneGap on top of
> Tizen platform
> As it looked the most simple and natural way to us, we decided to
> implement a JavaScript shim layer mapping PhoneGap APIs to corresponding
> Tizen Web APIs (W3C or proprietary) available from its public web SDK.
> Current developments under Apache 2.0 license are pushed here
> We are excited to contribute to the PhoneGap community and hope that we
> can get some support.
> Thanks

Paul Plaquette
Senior Software Engineer
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corp.,Montpellier, France

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