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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Tag BlackBerry for 1.6.0rc1?
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 22:08:36 GMT
The "Audio" section of the manual tests in mobile-spec test Media +
Capture functionality, FYI.

None of the platforms implement the "supported modes" for any of the
capture methods. This is a known limitation at the moment. Actually, I
think BlackBerry is the only platform that *could* support these since it
provides a native API for this.

As for the other issues: it is likely different expectations that
cordova-js has for the interactions with the native code compared to what
the blackberry-specific JavaSCript defined before. A good start would be
to compare the old JS implementations (specifically: the calls to exec)
and see what parameter differences exist. Then, line up the native
platform with the exec calls that cordova-js employs.

On 3/29/12 2:54 PM, "Tim Kim" <> wrote:

>> Please keep in mind that in many cases mobile-spec does not test the
>> full functionality.  For example, it doesn't take a picture.
>Good point - so onward to the second round of tests results:
>Camera gets launched and can take pictures, however I keep getting an
>alert (missing argument: message) after I take the picture. Also, it
>doesn't seem like the get photo data method works because it doesn't
>the picture back to the html page where as the get photo uri method does.
>The media capture section shows no supported modes for audio, image or
>video. And clicking on any of the buttons to start the capture audio,
>or video doesn't do anything.
>I'll have to get back to you on for media if it works or not because there
>are no default tests that comes with the sample it seems.
>Timothy Kim

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