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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: seeking git help
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 22:20:44 GMT
Yes, a merge commit is correct and expected behavior following a merge. It
is unlike a "standard" commit in that it has TWO parent commits.

This is why, as fellow PhoneGap hacker Andrew Lunny once said, "merge
commits are for people who drink blended whiskey and listen to
Nickelback". No offense to those who do either! ;)

In my mind, I see a merge commit as "dirtier" - git will do some magic to
combine the two trees from the  parent commits into one.

A cleaner approach IMO is running a REBASE.

Simple ASCII example (with "-" being a commit), you have a master tree (M)
and a topic branch (B):

-----*-- (M)
     `-- (B)

Above, the topic branch branched off the master tree two commits prior to
the master tree's HEAD commit (last commit).

If you MERGED B into M, you would get:

-----*--= (M)

Where the "=" is a merge commit that has two parents.

If you REBASED, the situation would be different: first, all of the new
commits in B would be rewound (to the first asterisk), all of the new
commits in M that B did not have would be applied, and then the commits
from B would be re-applied one-at-a-time on top of the HEAD commit from M.
So you end up getting a final tree that looks like:


A single tree, no branches merging in/out.

I really like this blog post in terms of explaining and visualizing the
difference between merges and rebases, and why rebases are da bomb:

On 3/27/12 2:54 PM, "Becky Gibson" <> wrote:

>Ok, so I thought I had a process for committing to Apache git that works.
> But, since I can't seem to cleanly submit to the mobile-spec repo I am
>going to publicly admit my ignorance and ask for clarification.
>My local clone of mobile spec was a mess so I created it again.
>I cloned my fork of apache-cordova-mobile-spec  - this gives me a remote
>named origin
>I create a remote named apache to
>pull apache master to get everything up to date
>push origin master so that is up to date
>fetch origin mediaErr (an existing branch with work I want to commit) -
>that creates a mediaErr branch on my local clone
>checkout mediaErr
>log -5  to verify the log shows the commit I want to push to master
>checkout master
>merge mediaErr
>push apache master - this commits my media change with the original date
>(March 20) and the commit comment shows "merge branch mediaErr".  Is this
>right?  Not sure how else I would have gotten the media change committed?
>Should I have created a new comment?
>any explanation appreciated,

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