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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Warning for unsupported platforms?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:31:00 GMT
Make sure you are using the latest native cordova-ios code from apache
master [1]. The JavaScript file + the native implementation rely on each
other and are coupled, so using a JS file or native framework for a
platform, with either out of sync, will give you lots of trouble.

Your best bet moving forward is:

1. Use the latest master from apache source for any platform supported.
See the list of incubator-cordova-* repositories on the Apache git server
2. Use the latest master from apache source for the unified JS project [3].
3. Build both from source (see the README in each repo).

Current platforms using the unified JS, based on the HEAD of the master
branches, are Android and iOS. Other platforms are in the works
(BlackBerry, PlayBook and WP7 coming  next I think).

Also please note that no matter how much progress we make in the future,
there will *always* be differences in the cordova.js file across
platforms. Each platform uses a different mechanism to communicate between
the WebView and the native implementation. We can bring the
implementations to be very close (say, 95% identical) but the core method
to send messages between the chromeless browser instance and the native
framework code will *always* be different across platforms.


On 3/18/12 5:30 PM, "Leif Wells" <> wrote:

>Using that file, but it doesn't look like deviceready is getting called no
>matter whether I call it directly or in the function called onLoad. This,
>of course, is occurring in the simulator.
>This doesn't mean I am not doing something terribly wrong (which I am
>banking on).
>I'll have more time to look at this again later.
>On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Leif Wells <> wrote:
>> @Ryan f'in Stewart
>> Let me get through the UNC game and I'll run a test and let you know.
>> Thanks.
>> Leif

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