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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: source license comments in incubator-cordova-js js files
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:31:00 GMT
Blargh, lots of text. Man licenses are annoying ;/

Toss this into issue 280 as part of the re-org of cordova-js?

Also: a minifier would fix this. Build process for cordova-js could toss
the vanilla apache license into the top of the built file, while the
minifier strips all comments incl. license from each plugin file at build

On 3/19/12 8:48 AM, "Patrick Mueller" <> wrote:

>The source files in incubator-cordova-js generally do not contain Apache
>source license comments, for good reason.  Since we bundle these files
>together into a single 'wad' js file (pkg/cordova-<platform>.js), we don't
>all those source headers for all the individual bits in 'wad'.
>OTOH, I suspect that we will run afoul of Apache's desire to have source
>license comments in all our source files.  Maybe what we're doing is fine.
>But see Luis Villa's blog post [1], which references a fairly recent
>issue in Legal Discuss [2].  In addition, if we eventually see moving our
>existing plugins (like accelerometer) to a form where they're separately
>installable/removable, then it seems like there's more motivation to
>putting the source license comments in there.
>I think there's an easy answer here.  Include the source header, so we
>don't have any question about NOT having them, and then have the build
>script remove them.  The build would strip the first comment in the file,
>assuming it's only preceded by whitespace: replace(^\s*\/\*.*?\*\///).
>then the rule is: "the first thing in your file after any whitespace must
>be an Apache source license comment".
>Patrick Mueller

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