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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Pull request for updated contacts tests
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 22:27:35 GMT
Hey Becky and everyone else,

I made a few tweaks to your pull request and have merged it in. I made the
tests a bit more atomic and added some setup/teardown methods for cleaning
up the global contact objects created (so we don't persist contacts into
the device address book, or at least try not to).

I am about to push up the improved tests to the mobile-spec repo. All of
the new tests pass on Android (hurray!). Some of the test are failing on
iOS though (at least the cordova-js rework for iOS).

On 3/2/12 4:26 PM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:

>Looks good, thanks for the tests. Some of them are failing on my Android
>device but: that's what tests are for!
>I've got a couple comments re: use of Qunit APIs which I think are
>incorrect but I'll add those to the pull request.
>On 3/2/12 2:33 PM, "Becky Gibson" <> wrote:
>>I've updated the contacts test to test saving, updating and removing a
>>contact.  This also check for proper treatment of dates. These tests run
>>the current iOS implementation.  I'd like to have it tested on other
>>implementations before I commit.   Here is the pull request against the
>>github repo:
>>Pull Request comments:
>>Added tests to save, update and remove a contact.
>>Save and update verify Date is saved, updated and retrieved properly.
>>modifying a note, removing an email address.
>>These new tests work with the current iOS implementation. NOTE - these
>>tests now ADD and REMOVE a contact. You may want to run on a simulator
>>first so you don't risk losing contacts from an actual device!!!! Also,
>>test to remove an invalid contact uses and id of 999 (it was previously
>>and I made it larger since I think it is conceivable that a device could
>>have a valid contact with id 99). I think even 999 is risky since
>>devices may use different conventions for assigning ids. There is now a
>>test that uses an id for a contact that was removed to verify that trying
>>to remove a contact with an invalid ID returns the proper error. As long
>>the remove works, this test should be valid and we could get rid of the
>>removal test with the arbitrary id of 999.
>>Please test and let me know of any issues before I commit.
>>These contacts tests could be HUGE in order to test all of the
>>for contacts. There are other plugins that could use more testing love as
>>well.  Not sure if we want to make the automated tests that large?

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