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From Marlin Mixon <>
Subject Re: [Android] Installation instructions
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 04:31:57 GMT
Adding a few more things here:

Just above the graphic, Instead of:
Add import com.phonegap.*;

Should probably be
Add import org.apache.cordova.*;

Graphic needs to be changed.  (I'm not able to replicate the graphic
correctly else I would)

Just after the graphic, instead of:

You might experience an error here, where Eclipse can't find
phonegap-1.0.0.jar. In this case, right click on the /libs folder and
go to Build Paths/ > Configure Build Paths. Then, in the Libraries
tab, add phonegap-1.0.0.jar to the Project. If Eclipse is being
temperamental, you might need to refresh (F5) the project once again.

need to substitute cordova-1.x.x.jar

The instructions for creating the index.html file needs to reference
cordova.js instead of phonegap.js

With the suggested changes, I was able to get Hello World up and running in 1.5.


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