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From Brian>
Subject Re: Proposal - Separate 2.x Git Branch
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 18:02:12 GMT
> Because I had something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN MIND.

I like that future. So much so I even prototyped it in 2010 in the
orig proj named Cordova (just different semantics). I think we are of
the same mind but I'm proposing a different path to get there. Or
possibly not. To be clear: a master cli script was considered too
ambitious for a 2.x goal back in Oct by myself and Dave.

Rather than "one giant script to rule them all" we felt moving the
orig Cordova platform scripts into the mainline of each platform
project was a great starting point that still allows us to write a
master script down the road. The master script could be ignorant of
the details, just calling out to the sub platform scripts for the
utilities desired. It puts the responsibility of the sub-commands in
the project that cares about it, where it should be. Developers using
only Cordova/Android can still work with just those local scripts
without having to worry about competing platform detritus in their

Now with all that said, I am personally very into having a master
script being a 2.x goal! I think Dave, Fil, Michael and Andrew would
heartily agree. (We are tooling geeks tho.) To get there, we still
need those sub commands solid, tested and documented.

Consider too, just getting the sub commands working well and
consistently across platforms is still a really big win for 2.x and
makes writing that master script super trivial anyhow. (Also these
scripts exist today for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.)

> first 2.x, I suspect we'll then have to wait for 3.x, as the project/plugin
> structure will have to be settled, and whatever we do it 2.x prolly won't
> be exactly what we need, and so we'll need to refactor things, AGAIN.

The plugin package format is slated 2.x in the roadmap now. Will we
refactor in the future? Without a doubt. We need to deal with that by
communicating better with our community and documenting our releases

> My understanding of where we're going is that Cordova becomes a "plugin"
> and "web view" manager.

Yes, and I'd like to point out to the readers of this thread at this
point the conversation has diverged from CLI Tooling to Plugin

> All the existing batteries-included plugins will
> at least removable from whatever we install, or maybe you get no plugins
> with a default install.

Maybe, I think installing just 3rd party plugins is a good start though.

> But the plugins are a core part of our story.

The whole theme of 2.x really.

> So, I'd like a clearer definition of things like "cli tooling", and then a
> list of "things that must be in 2.x, we will not move these to the next
> release".  That second list may be the empty list - nothing will hold up
> thje 2.x release in <whenever>.  That's fine.  Just trying to understand.

For me the defn of cli tooling is whats in that wiki page under the
title "Command Line Interface Tooling" and for plugins its under
"PhoneGap Plugin Project". Yes, the detail is light and that is mostly
due to us focusing on getting through CordovaJS, CordovaView and the
great renaming.

Perhaps now, we kick up a new thread about CLI Tooling and a separate
one about Plugins?

The good news here: we agree these are good goals for 1.7-2.x

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