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From Brian>
Subject Re: Proposal - Separate 2.x Git Branch
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 16:14:07 GMT
> The problem is - I don't understand the scope of the 2.x work.

Yeah, this is what Fil and I both were trying to get at in the other thread.

> Maybe I'm missing something.  Is there more detail than this?

No, those are the high level goals. The idea would be to take those
goals and turn them into issues for 1.7 ...and beyond. As the release
comes. There is more detail on each sorta proj if you scroll down.

> Show me the man pages of the cli tooling, for instance, so I can get a
> sense of what the effort/complexity for it is going to be.

We do have cli tooling for all the major platforms however. Maybe man
pages are all that needs doing for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. For
Windows Phone the tooling needs writing.

> If I don't know the scope of the work, I can't really estimate how many
> 'rolling releases' we're going to have, and so can't estimate the final
> release date.

The scope has nothing to do with the release; if something doesn't fit
in, is not baked enough, we move to the next release. And lets be
clear: the issue w/ 1.5 was not instability: it was documentation.

> in 2.(x+1)!" just because we had to ship on a certain date.  I want to ship
> a kick ass 2.x release, and I honestly don't really care WHEN it happens.

Agree. And if we ONLY spent the next 4 months just fixing bugs,
hardening, and cleaning up the docs 2.x kicks ass in July.

2.x summary: plugins, vastly improved tooling, weinre on nodejs,
CordovaJS, CordovaView, moving to Apache, and adding Windows Phone 7,
Qt, and possibly Tizen.

Not bad.

> Maybe July is do-able!  Help me understand the scope!

CordovaView on Android may be a breakable scene but I don't think it
has to be. Java gives us plenty of tools for shimming in backwards
compat. There's probably a whole book of design patterns and an XML
schema for just that. ;9

Otherwise the story is tests, docs, tooling, and lots of bugs
squashed. Nothing destructive imo.

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