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From Brian>
Subject Re: About porting Notifications to Codova-Tizen
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 20:05:40 GMT
Its kinda funny b/c our 'notification' api pre-dates the concept of
notifications as they've grown to be in mobile. I can definitely see
us looking to clean that up post 2.x

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:35 AM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
> Do you mean you want to implement your own HTML/CSS dialogs for enabling
> this functionality? If so, styles would be susceptible to be overridden by
> the user's stylesheet...
> On 3/28/12 6:28 AM, "Paul Plaquette" <>
> wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>I am implementing Notifications alert and confirm methods on our
>>Codova-Tizen JavaScript shim-layer.
>>As you may know Tizen is a web based OS (
>>at first the plan was to use W3C Web Notifications.
>>  I saw that the Web OS implementation that is indeed very similar to
>>our Codova- Tizen  shim-layer is implementing these alert and confirm
>>methods providing its own UI .
>>Moreover using Web notifications requires user authorization, and is not
>>the same level of user interaction.
>>Actually I think  I should used a specific UI too as Web Notifications
>>Semantic is quite different from having an alert or a confirm dialog
>>that pop within the context of an application.
>>Any Advices/Suggestions on this point?

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