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From Brian>
Subject 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0rc planning, priorities, and plugins
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 21:36:31 GMT
The big theme this year has been migration to an architecture more
friendly to plugins with our ultimate goal of the end user being able
to compose their own version of Cordova with only the APIs they need.
Essentially our release would slowly strip down to webview+bridge and
then we'd maintain an official set of plugins separately (which are
comprised of the device apis we target today).

>From a high level to make this happen we need

1.6-1.7 March/April

- a consistent js impl across platforms (almost there)

1.7-1.9 April/May/June

- tooling for plugin package validation, installation, and removal
(andrew prototyping this)
- refactor of (possibly) coho to allow for composing a release of
particular plugins
- document correct procedure for generating a plugin or, better, have
a tool that does it

2.0.0rc1 July 15

Post 2.x
- automate plugin discovery ala npm/cpan/rubygems/pypi/etc
- remove plugins to discreet repos and use discovery mechanism to
compose different releases

* * *
How does that fit with your thoughts on Apache Cordova? Future
releases can target, with surgical precision, particular APIs by way
of plugin with a faster prototype cycle and we can then also start
looking at more polish type activities like bridge performance, test
automation and the such.

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