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From Brian>
Subject Re: command line tooling, and plugin design wiki pages
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 20:40:15 GMT
> Great, thx.  I'll integrate some of this info on the wiki, when I get a
> chance, if you haven't already.

cool, ya today prolly not

>> anyhow, lots to chew on there. phone call or, better, F2F might help
> Hackathon?  But it would be nice to get consensus on some overall design
> aspects, before F2F.  I'd rather spend time hacking code, instead of
> white-boarding, as much as possible.

hackathon even better; agree on design consensus and code. all I ask
is: pls no camel case in my cli!!! (unless we want to scope bash
completion with this... lol)

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