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From Viras <>
Subject Re: platform 'errgen'
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 07:06:55 GMT
This is really a nice idea. Currently I stick to cordova-qt exactly for 
that reason (the Qt-Simulator is really fast and lets you emulate all 

However as you mentioned I strongly vote for a platform which also 
supports returning static data instead of errors. This in fact could 
then later on evolve to a real simulator application for cordova based 
applications (by e.g. offering a popup-window which allows to tweak the 
return values of the API calls).

Am 2012-03-12 14:58, schrieb Patrick Mueller:
> About two weeks ago, I spent the morning working on a new 'platform' 
> for
> Cordova, using the cordova-js framework.  The original goal was to 
> build a
> platform that doesn't require ANY native code, so that you could use 
> it in
> the browser.  Since the Cordova 'APIs' have to do >something< I 
> decided I'd
> have them all return errors.  I called the platform 'errgen', and 
> here's a
> commit to a fork of mine with the code (and various drive-by fixes as 
> well):
> Seems to me like there's a couple of interesting things here:
> - building a platform like this shows you what sort of internal 
> frameworky
> things a platform has to do to get itself up and running; eg. a 
> platform
> has to arrange to call
> `require('cordova/channel')` when 
> `DeviceInfo` is
> ready.
> - having a platform that doesn't require any natives means you can 
> load it
> in a desktop (or mobile) browser to see if you have any structural 
> issues,
> and use desktop tooling like (real) Web Inspector to debug some bits.
> - having a platform that returns errors every time you do something 
> would
> be a good way to test that your application actually handles errors
> correctly.
> Any interest in continuing this work?  There's some meta-work that 
> needs to
> be done; eg. decide how to handle "repeat-fire" APIs (eg,
> `accelerometer.watchAcceleration()`)
> I could also see perhaps having a platform just like 'errgen', but 
> always
> returns the same static-y 'success' bits all the time.

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