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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Greetings plus discussion of WebSockets for Android
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 00:30:28 GMT
Hey Marlin,

Thanks for joining the mailing list and starting discussion.

One thing that may put you on the right track is actually a branch we have
that implements WebSockets for the Android Cordova implementation :)

It is about a year behind in terms of upstream commits, so certainly a lot
of work needs to be done, but I think 95% of the work is there.

This branch was slated for introduction into master but never made it due
to a security issue that came up (the details escape me - maybe someone
else from the list can bring the light the original reason). Not sure
whether or not that was resolved. I think it was due to some standards
body declaring that some revision of the web sockets spec was incomplete?
Something along those lines.

On 2/28/12 4:05 PM, "Marlin Mixon" <> wrote:

>Hi, My name is Marlin Mixon and I'm a new potential contributor.
>My interest is WebSockets for Android and I would like to work on
>implementing that. In examining this problem one finds that this would
>not be a problem at all on an Android browser that supports
>WebSockets. Unfortunately, while the latest beta of Firefox does
>support it, the majority of Android users run the Android WebKit
>browser. So what if a new version of Android Webkit browser is
>released that DOES support WebSockets? Well, even if such a browser
>were available today, the majority user base will either not be able
>to upgrade to it or will choose not to upgrade to it. At least, that's
>how I see it.
>What about WebSockets on other platforms? As I understand it, the
>recent upgrade to Safari includes WebSockets. So nothing is needed for
>iOS. I'm not sure about other platforms.
>I've researched what others have done in an effort to implement
>WebSockets in PhoneGap/Cordova. One such effort was by Animesh Kumar
>who adapted a WebSocket client written in Java for Android by Nathan
>Rajlich and apparently implemented it so that it ran with a pre-1.0
>version of PhoneGap.  You can see this body of work here:
>I'm not sure what the most efficient approach to use to solve the
>problem. One thing I plan to do is see if I can adapt the
>Kumar/Rajlich code mentioned above and see if I can get it working in
>the latest Cordova. If I were to extend Nathan Rajlich's work, would I
>need to get Nathan Rajlich sign the agreement for Apache contributors?

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