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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: proposed common-js file moves/renames for post-1.5
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:00:26 GMT
Yeah I like it overall. I'll file it in JIRA and set it up for post-1.5.

I am not sure I like the index.js thingÅ  but I don't know why ;)

On 2/24/12 8:11 AM, "Patrick Mueller" <> wrote:

>On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 10:39, Drew Walters <> wrote:
>> > - move the platform-specific modules out of `lib`, into a new
>> > directory named `platform`, which has subdirectories for each
>> and
>> > then cordova/blah/... directories for any additional files for the
>> > platform, including potentially overlaid files
>> I don't understand why this would be a peer of `lib` and not a child.
>> In your examples you list 'platform/android/cordova/exec.js'. This
>> seems to imply that the platform specific files could apply to more
>> then just cordova since cordova would be a child.
>Right; there would be multiple `cordova` subdirectories in the tree:
>   cordova-js/cordova/... - all the portable stuff
>   cordova-js/platform/android/cordova - all the android specfic stuff
>   cordova-js/platform/ios/cordova - all the ios specfic stuff
>So, yes, I would expect that platforms could supply modules "outside" of
>the cordova module-id-space.  So, there might exist a file
>   cordova-js/platform/android/my-coolio-stuff.js
>This would end up getting built as a top-level 'my-coolio-stuff' module -
>require('my-coolio-stuff') would return that module, for android.
>But I don't expect that we would actually do that.  The reason to have the
>cordova directory IN the `cordova/platform/android` directory, is so that
>the directories of the modules line up with the module ids that we
>generate.  Otherwise, you'll need to do the translation everytime you see
>    cordova-js/platform/android/app.js
>and realize - "oh that's actually the module 'cordova/app'
>> Unless there is a
>> reason for this, I still like 'cordova/platform/android/exec' better.
>> Seems to me we would want to keep the module namespace beneath
>> 'cordova'.
>To be more specific:
>- rename `~/lib` to `~/cordova`; there is no more `~/lib`.
>- mkdir ~/platform
>- mkdir ~/platform/android
>- mkdir ~/platform/...
>- move platform-specific stuff in ~/cordova (was ~/lib), in such a way as
>each module exists in a path associated with it's eventual module id,
>prefixed by `~/platform/[whicheverPlatform]`
>- move non-modules into a 'new' `~/lib` directory; it's more than just
>require.js - bootstrap, etc
>Now, to do a build for a platform:
>- collect as modules all files from ~/cordova
>- collect as modules all files from ~/platform/[whicheverPlatform]/cordova
>- collect as scripts all files from ~/lib
>- the files are laid out exactly as the modules will be named, modulo
>platform-specific prefix directories for platform-specific files; no more
>in-head conversion when I'm looking at directory listings of modules.
>- no more logic in the build script, just three "virtual" `cp -R`s.
>- prolly easy to use with requirejs et al
> > - there are also plain ol' scripts like `require.js` which should be
>> > separate from the modules, in say a top-level `scripts` directory
>> +1 though I think require.js is the only example of this so far and I
>> would vote for keeping it under 'cordova' name space and in a 'lib'
>> folder (showing my C roots).
>Pretty sure it's more than require.js.  And `scripts` makes more sense to
>me than `lib`.
>Patrick Mueller

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