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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Unified JS and iOS
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 18:15:30 GMT
OK here we go with some code drops. I am working on these two branches on
my github fork (sorry easier to point to code on github than it is with
git apache @ git-wip-us):

So far I've got the device info initialization firing. I am dropping
//TODO:'s in native code wherever I see JS globals being referenced.
There's some weird stuff in there: like what is Cordova.sessionKey? How
come we clobber a window.Settings global? Etc. etc. You never know what
you'll find in cordova code :)

Next few things that would be nice to do is to implement the Connection
API as a plugin (or command, I think it is called in iOS land).

I'll be toiling away at this today.

On 12-02-23 8:20 AM, "Becky Gibson" <> wrote:

>So, I've started working through the unified JS changs for iOS.   I'm not
>quite sure how to handle the many differences at startup.   If I'm reading
>the code right, there seems to be a new NetworkConnection object which
>replaces the Connection object.   Any reason for renaming this?  It seems
>to me we should try to make a few api/object name changes as possible to
>make upgrading easier for folks.  Also, since we are not going to get iOS
>updated for 1.5, we will have a discrepancy between platforms with some
>using NetworkConnection and iOS at least still using Connection.
>Is there any requirement fo this NetworkConenction.getInfo() api?  I can
>certainly override that module for iOS to continue with the current iOS
>implementation  or I can implement a getInfo() api.  The same issue occurs
>for the Device object - other platforms implement a getInfo() api to get
>the info.  iOS calls out to JS to set the info during startup.

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