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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Changes to requesting a PERSISTENT file system in Cordova-Android
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:27:53 GMT
This is a good discussion to have. Blindly following a spec never gets you
100% where you want to go.

Instead: what are reasonable storage options that as a developer using
cordova you would like to see? Once that is decided on, define a simple
spec for each of the options.

So for the first question, in my mind having an idea of a "temporary"
storage space - like Joe said, volatile memory - and "persistent" seem
like two good options.

Then, for simple constraints around the two options:

To me, persistent is: data that I write to a persistent location is
available across device restarts and will not be removed unless my
application explicitly removes it (barring exceptional circumstances such
as a device factory reset). The Android "Jail" is, for me, a good
candidate to be considered the persistent storage location. A removable
storage type such as an SD or media card is, in my mind, not a candidate
to "persistent" storage.

For temporary storage, the restrictions are much less. Figuring out any
minimum time frames for how long a temporary storage location exists seems
important. Should temporary storage be guaranteed across device restarts?
Probably not. What about across application restarts? I'm not sure - I
would say no, not guaranteed. Within an application session? I think so.

Etc. etc. :)

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