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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Changes to File API
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 19:48:56 GMT
Yeah I made the change in cordova-js to the new API as I was going over
our File API implementation with a magnifying glass and make sure it was
doing the right things.

I'm ambivalent either way, really.

On 12-02-17 11:36 AM, "Becky Gibson" <> wrote:

>I was running the mobile-spec after Shaz completed and checked in the iOS
>name change (THANKS, Shaz!) and found that several file tests fail. The
>issue is the name change of the <Entry>.toURI() api to <Entry>.toURL().
>Checking on the W3C File API: Directories and Systems spec. this API was
>indeed renamed from the October, 2010, version of the spec that we
>implemented to the April and May, 2011 versions.   The FileError codes
>also been reassigned - although that has not been updated in the
>Other than the API name change and FileError code reassignments, I don't
>see major changes in the specification.  However, this will certainly
>existing apps and I question making that change.   I realize it has to be
>made sooner or later, but it might be best to wait for the api to be
>finalized.   If we are going to make this api change, then we should
>probably also make the FileError changes to be consistent.  And update the
>docs and make sure this is well documented.
>my two cents,

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