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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Work Items for 1.5.0 - unified JS
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 22:30:52 GMT
Status update for everyone.

- Looks like Simon has done a good chunk of work to eliminate native cruft
on the Android implementation (moving stuff from native into JavaScript
where possible). Thank you Simon! It is working and complete on Android -
the first cordova platform to support cordova-js. That is awesome! Final
step: it would be awesome if one of the Android platform "owners"
(Joe/Simon) can take the unified-js branch of the native code from my fork
rebase/merge as needed and run through the tests and make sure the latest
changes such as the PhoneGap->Cordova name change didn't mess anything up.
Then we can put the cordova-js seal of approval on Android :D
- I am working out the kinks with WP7+cordova-js (and node.js) integration
on Windows this week.
- Shaz is working out name change to cordova stuff on native ios. Shaz and
I have a remote hack session planned for mid-week to get the ball rolling
with cordova-js integration. I have a todo list of needed changes for ios
integration so hopefully that won't be too tough. I am going to try to get
it running on the sim on my dev machine before then anyways.
- The PhoneGap-to-Cordova name change on the BlackBerry implementation
seems to have messed up cordova-js working on that platform. I made a few
changes to get us back on track but it's still not working. Gord will take
a look when he can.
- Anis is setting up platform definitions for Bada (only v2.0? Both 1.0
and 2.0?) in cordova-js this week. Bada 1.0 vs. 2.0 will be separate
implementations anyways so we should treat them as separate platforms in
cordova-js. He still needs to iron out the native-to-JS bridge on Bada 2.0
- Also need to work out the kinks on PlayBook. We are still missing File
API on PlayBook but we may be able to re-use BlackBerry Smartphone
WebWorks code for that (not sure still need to investigate).

What about webOS and Symbian? Are we gonna roll out cordova-js for those
platforms too? My intuition is no until those platforms require updates...

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