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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: 1.4.1 release
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 20:29:23 GMT
I'll chime in on the testing bit (this discussion has derailed quickly :P)

Moving forward, each project repository needs to have unit tests - this is
the bare minimum in my mind. So, each native implementation needs unit
tests in the spirit of what Joe has been working on this past month to get
it working on Android. Cordova-js will also have JS unit tests. This
covers each repo's baseline functionality.

Our Mobile Spec project needs to evolve. Right now it includes a series of
manual tests, encapsulated into a page. I.e. We have a page for tests for
events, camera, etc. This is the basis for what we need this project to

We also have a bunch of "automated" tests in mobile spec - a Qunit test
suite. This should be merged into the cordova-js project's unit tests
(very clean mapping there).

Agree that XHR'ing results somewhere is too much. The app should just log
pass/fails as you go through the manual motions in it and summarize at the
end. Then ideally the dev takes this list and goes back to the code
knowing what to fix. Down the road hopefully we can figure out how to
automate these motions so devs don't have to do them.

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