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From Andrew Lunny <>
Subject Re: Plugins: Packaging/Installation/Manifests and whatnot
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 00:48:26 GMT
Update: The pluginstall script - -
now installs (simple) iOS plugins as well as Android.

There are three steps to installing an iOS plugin:
1. move some files around
2. modify the PhoneGap.plist file
3. modify the XCode project file (App.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj)

1 and 2 are trivial (although the Node library for manipulating plist files
does need some love).

3 right now depends on a separate library I've developed - - that parses an XCode project file
into a JavaScript object. This object can then be easily modified, and
written back out. The node-xcode project is not very mature, and will need
enhancements to deal with the full range of PhoneGap plugins.

My next step is to modify a fork of the ChildBrowser plugin, to allow for
cross-platform deployment of the same JavaScript file (there are some
fiddly inconsistencies between Android and iOS there). I'll then have a
screencast/demo available of how the whole process works.

On 24 January 2012 13:19, Filip Maj <> wrote:

> On 24 January 2012 09:55, Filip Maj <<>>
> wrote:
> Can you explain the two <asset> nodes in your example plugins.xml ? What
> is the difference between the two elements? Lines 8-9.
> "The first tag is pointing to the js file, the second to a directory also
> called "childbrowser" that needs to be moved into the project's www
> directory."
> Gotcha!
> >...
> >A couple of open issues:
> >* the current format doesn't have a mechanism for specifying that one
> >plugin depends on another, which will be necessary
> >* there's no way to specify a dependency on an external library - for
> >example, a separate framework on iOS. I will investigate options as I
> >begin
> >work on the iOS side of the code.
> Could we use what mechanisms already exist in package.json to figure this
> out? Maybe add an extension to this? It'd be nice to be able to feature
> phonegap plugins and other tools in NPM, and it seems we're going the
> route of node anyways for our CLI stuff.
> It's definitely something we should feel out as phonegap-js and the plugin
> tooling progress, particularly for plugin distribution. I think having this
> kind of manifest file and a package.json is not out of the question, if
> they're doing two very different things.
> At this stage, I'm focused on the plugin installation - with the
> assumption that all the code is available locally. If you assume all the
> code is there on the filesystem, package.json and the npm infrastructure
> don't really benefit us. The goal right now is to encode all this
> information:
> in a format that can easily be manipulated by software and humans.
> ^^ This is key. I'm thinking some extensions to either xml/json format we
> end up on over what's already "in place" (a la NPM or even a similar sort
> of extensions employed by Nodejitsu).
> It'd be a little ugly to have two config files in the root of the plugin,
> but it keeps things simple (non-intertwined), especially while we're
> prototyping this stuff.
> That's my concern, is that if we go down the rabbit hole without thinking
> about all the aspects of the cordova project this affects we could end up
> with a sub-par solution.
> ;/

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