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From Drew Walters <>
Subject Cordova backwards compatibility issues with plugins on BB
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 22:07:44 GMT
I've made the name change from PhoneGap to Cordova in my local sandbox
but am running into issues trying to provide backward compatibility
with existing PhoneGap plugins.  The issues are due to the BlackBerry
implementation having to define JSON classes since the BlackBerry
platform does not. This creates a nightmare because the JSON classes
define exceptions, pass back references to themselves and are used in
the IPlugin interface.  So, injecting a new inheritance hierarchy that
is backwards compatible is non-trivial (/impossible). I've taken
several stabs at this over the last two days and haven't come up with
anything that actually works without existing plugin code having to be

Based on the fact that I have contributed the only three plugins
available on
I'm thinking maybe I should just ignore plugin backward compatibility
for BlackBerry and just provide updates to the plugins I have


Also, do we have plans to have a cordova-plugins repository on github
somewhere or is it expected that the plugins at phonegap-plugins will
eventually be updated to Cordova?


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