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From Becky Gibson <>
Subject Unit Testing
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 19:59:08 GMT
While Joe has been working on the Android CordovaWebView for testing, I
have been looking at the testing options on iOS.   Joe is using the
Selenium WebDriver for Android and there is also one for iOS.  However,
this is a WEB driver so we can only drive web UI elements. That means that
if you want to test the camera, notification or other api's that invoke the
device UI you still need a live person to interact with the device UI.
This is still easier than a completely manual test, but still not
completely automatic. There is a google code branch for a  nativeDriver
that is based on the Selenium WebDriver api.   This would allow testing
both web and native UIs.  However, it looks like the progress on this code
is only part time by the developers.

Before I start down the path of incorporating WebDriver into Cordova for
iOS I'd like to explore the options:

   1. We can create fully automated tests on iOS for almost all features
   including device specific ones such as taking a picture,
   selecting/displaying/editing a contact via iOS UI, notifications, etc.
    Obviously some things such as orientation and audio are going to require
   some intervention.   However, this means developing and maintaining
   separate tests for iOS.

   2. We can use WebDriver for iOS, Android and Blackberry.  We can only
   test the Web UI and more human intervention will be necessary but the tests
   should be fairly consistent between the platforms.  We will still need
   device specific tests for some features (such as the aformentioned iOS
   contact UI).

   3. We can investigate contributing to the native driver implementations ( to get more complete coverage,
   although there are currently no options for platforms other than Android
   and iOS.

   4. We can continue to use mobile-spec and enhance the manual testing
   with more tests and specific instructions.  Since Joe is putting the work
   into the Android Cordova View I assume we don't want that option at least
   for Android.

If we go the WebDriver route what language are we going to use to drive the
tests?   Java, Ruby, Python, php, perl and C# are all supported.


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