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From Brian>
Subject Re: New Lead for BB
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:02:10 GMT
No problem, understandable. The exact thing I communicated to Tim
today is he is now the owner for the BB JIRA for Adobe.

This isn't to say he has any more authority than anyone else in the
project but rather the Adobe representative to that part of the
Corodova project. This is more of a mechanism for Adobe than
elsewhere; in the same spirit Tim's counterparts could be considered
Gord, Tim and Ken from RIM and Drew from IBM.

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> On 6 February 2012 21:28, Tim Kim <> wrote:
>> I've been assigned to become the new lead for the BB issue tracker. I look
>> forward to working with you all.
> Hi and welcome,
> Can you please tell me what it means to be a "lead for the BB issue
> tracker". I ask this because I'm a mentor to this project and I want
> to try and understand the culture of the project community as it
> stands today so that we can move towards an ASF culture.
> A number of times I've seen language that doesn't really work in a
> typical ASF project (like "lead"), but each time I've challenged it so
> far my concerns have proven unfounded. I suspect that will be the case
> here too.
> Thanks in advance for helping me understand.
> Ross

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