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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject Re: Cordova command
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 00:41:07 GMT
On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 19:07, Andrew Lunny <> wrote:

> Some outstanding questions:

- is this for developers of Cordova, developers using Cordova, or both?

Primary audience I was considering was "developers using Cordova"

- can/should it be used for custom builds of the native Cordova library?

Sure.  For my app, I may not want to pay the size penalty for "built-in"
plugins I'm not using.  OTOH, this may be a topic for "advanced users".
 Which may also mean "no one will ever use it". :-)

> One goal, based on out past experience with the `droidgap` Ruby script in
> particular, should be to minimize external dependencies. I think most of us
> are comfortable writing Node.js programs, and Node runs everywhere we want
> to run, so I would expect this will be a Node program. For maximum usage,
> we should minimize binary Node-add-on dependencies, particularly if they
> depend on external libs in the compilation environment (I'm thinking of
> libxmljs in particular).


> I would like the program to be compiled into a single binary with Node and
> NPM, so we can distribute it ourselves without worrying about the
> end-user's environment. This is feasible now, but I believe there is
> planned work in Node to turn it from feasible to easy.

Neat.  Can you point to some links on this topic?

If this will be for building Cordova (the library) as well, we should be
> aware of the docs repo, which currently depends on perl, Ruby, and some
> libraries for each of those platforms that have to be installed separately.
> Not sure at this stage the best way to move forward on that front.

Rebuilding the docs doesn't sound like something a user would do.  I'd like
to have a single command for the users to use - `cordova` that does most of
what they need to do.  Things users never need to do, like rebuilding the
docs, don't need to be supported by that command.  No problem having a
single `cordova-dev` command though, that might have a mountain of pre-reqs

Patrick Mueller

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