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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Consistent implementation of the whitelist
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 19:38:58 GMT
I think a spec that is way more pertinent to Cordova for solving this
problem (and also many others) is the config.xml spec. Anis pointed out
the <access> element. WebWorks already uses a config.xml file as a base
for defining application metadata and configuration. So does PhoneGap
Build. Tons of goodies in there that we can use on top of caching and
server whitelisting, such as:

- icon definitions (<icon> element)
- generic preference/configuration elements (<preference>). I believe
phonegap build uses this for things such as locking orientation in an app.
Basically anything in phonegap.xml can be mapped to <preference> elements.
- <feature> element. *VERY* pertinent to defining which APIs you want your
app to access. Essentially could replace plugins.xml in cordova currently.
- <author>, <title>, <license>, <description> elements...
- free localization of strings (such as titles) as well as content by
piggybacking on xml:lang attributes for different elements.
- application entry point (entry page) definitions (<content>)
- finally, there is a <param> element that is a key:value pair. We could
map anything to this...

PhoneGap Build extended the config.xml elements with a splash screen
(<splash>) element as well.

The possibilities are endless, and we have a pretty complete spec. Also
for icing on the cake, Michael Brooks and I are involved with the W3C
community group related to the widget spec so we already have ins to
present feedback and iterate on the spec if necessary.

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