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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Pull request to phonegap repository?
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:19:24 GMT
Usually, I would suggest sending a pull request to the apache mirror on

... And the pull request would get sent to THIS list automatically as an
email notification. However, my understanding is that this functionality
is broken.

As an Apache project we need to use Apache issue trackers / source
control, thus (I think) why we can't manage pull requests and whatnot
directly from github.

I recommend you file a bug about it on the apache issue tracker: and leave a link to your fork/branch on
github if you want to include source code. If it includes major changes,
then discussion on the mailing list is in order as well. Feel free to use
this thread in that case.

On 12-01-30 12:07 AM, "Karlsson, Johan" <> wrote:

>I was doing some development with phonegap for WP7 this weekend with. I
>found there was some trouble with navigation between pages when using
>jquery mobile. I found the reason to this issue and I thought I could
>make a pull request to the repository. But I canĀ“t figure out how I
>should do a pull request to the phonegap repository. The phonegap version
>I developed against was version 1.4.0.
>Johan Karlsson

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