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From Joni Rustulka <>
Subject Re: Cordova Website
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 05:51:15 GMT

You are a star.

My input:

1. You know I love colour, and am a big believe it using it. therefore you
know I am going to say "make the download button a colour". I think you
could go violet, magenta, aquamarine, or leafy green. I also think it
needs a little more embellishment, maybe shaping or shadowing or texture
or sumfin'. 

2. Whatever colour you choose for the button, make your hyperlinks - and
not just on hover/tap. Please.

3. Not sure why there is a horizontal rule between "Download" and "Docs"
in the global nav. Maybe it is a mistake, or maybe you could explain it to
me. Right now, it looks out of place/weird.

Big ups,

On 12-01-23 5:32 PM, "Yohei Shimomae" <> wrote:

>Hey guys,
>So here is a mockup for the Cordova site based on the wires:
>I stayed with a simple white background using grid background to contrast
>certain contents. Contribution section might change slightly when we have
>the actual text contents ready (such as signing the CLA etc.) but for the
>rest, this is what I envision it'll look like. Feedback appreciated.
>I will try to start implanting the site in the next couple of weeks.

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