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From Steven Gill <>
Subject Re: 1.4 release phone call
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:27:58 GMT
Here is the link to view the recording of todays meeting.


On 12-01-20 11:51 AM, "Filip Maj" <> wrote:

>PhoneGap 1.4 meeting Notes
>Friday, January 20th, 2012, started at 10:09AM
>Brian: wiki is a place for contributors, not users. Style guide, roadmap,
>that kinda stuff. PhoneGap website will be the user-specific content.
>Analogy: webkit to chrome.
>Michael: use the cordova website for putting our community's spin on
>contribution, workflow and collaboration on Apache's process.
>Brian: let's focus on the contributor workflow wiki article. Also: Steve
>is actually doing work now. Hooray. He is automating some scripts (in
>node) for cutting releases.
>Brian: Probably can't cut an Apache release for 1.4 (i.e. within the next
>Pat: Looking into putting node on Apache build servers (because is
>required for weinre). Good move, this will be required for other cordova
>project build scripts.
>Bryce: Probably can't do an Apache release for 1.4; aim for 1.5.
>Fil: Cordova unified JS won't make it in time for 1.4. Could use some more
>resources. Aim for 1.5.
>Anis: Do we want to keep working on Bada?
>Brian: Yes. Also combine with cordova-js project.
>Fil: Some native modifications will need to be in place for unified JS
>layer. Package/namespace labels for plugins need to be made consistent
>across platforms, for example.
>Brian: schedule an open session to show people cordova-js for next week.
>Joe: Continued on View-ifying cordova-android. Separating out the
>chromeless WebView into its own component, for easy integration into
>existing native projects. Will change the way assets get loaded into
>WebView (assets go into a local jail first). Would fix issues with history
>stack in the WebView. All non-media assets would be "duplicated" in the
>sense it would be copied to the jail (not a huge difference as we already
>do that for media files).
>Brian: we moved the getting started guides from into the docs
>Bryce: whitelist sucks.
>Fil: talking about cordova-js. At this point I stopped taking notes...
># To-do
>- everyone push up the tags to Apache

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