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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Your coding practices and documentation are not done well.
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 21:38:52 GMT
Thanks for your e-mail Peter. We are still transitioning into Apache from
a previous "run-n-gun" type of organizational structure so there will be
some amount of time where we're all a little out of sync. Additionally we
don't have many full-time developers working on the project at the moment
(by my count somewhere around 6), to cover five different mobile platform
implementations + cross-platform documentation ... We would love
contributions from you if you feel you can make it better!

On 12-01-13 12:03 PM, "Peter Ehrlich" <> wrote:

>I have just gone through a couple days of frustration and circles due to
>unexplained error message.  It turned out to be a problem with the
>whitelist (which is broken), multiplied by indescriptive errors which only
>show up on some API versions, and coupled with strong counter indications
>as to what the issue really was caused by.
>I'm sorry I can't cast this message in a more positive tone, but I'm more
>frustrated than inspired at the moment.  I've linked to the thread at the
>bottom of this message.
>The bottom line is that I think the product you're all working so hard to
>produce would benefit strongly from a concentrated focus on cross-team
>communication/synchronization, documentation, and cross-platform
>documentation.  (Or maybe I'm just a pampered Rails developer?)  I might
>even suggest moving from the existing wiki system to the github one, so as
>users will be encouraged to contribue through having existing accounts.

Unfortunately this is not an option under Apache. My understanding is that
the wiki and source code servers must be on Apache infrastructure, so
moving forward GitHub will be less of a de-facto collaboration point. We
are still working on bringing the wiki up online, so once we have all of
the infrastructure figured out we will be sure to update the community.

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