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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: jira issue for the s/callback/cordova/g change
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 17:41:22 GMT

>> What's the general opinion on whether we should migrate everything to
>> the new name right away or rather wait for graduation for some of the
>> tasks? During graduation the mailing lists and the web site will move
>> from under to On the other
>> hand since we're still in the infrastructure migration phase one extra
>> list and site address renaming shouldn't be too confusing.
>I've had to deal with so much renaming/moving over the last year for
>weinre, that
>1) I'm getting sick of it
>2) A little more of this junk won't kill me
>Basically, I don't care either way.

+1 but... If we're not far off from graduating then I think we should
wait. My understanding is that we need to do:

- set up the wiki
- add contribution workflow article(s) to it
- move all repos over to Apache git servers
- kill off the phonegap/callback/cordova organizations/repos on github
- cut a release purely from apache infrastructure
- (optional but necessary in my mind) mirror the git repos over to

If the above is all we need to do to graduate (pending board approval or
whatnot) then, I say we wait as we are not that far off from accomplishing

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