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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: 1.4.0 ChangeLog
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 02:07:00 GMT
iOS 1.4.0 Release Notes are better summarized here:

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Steven Gill <> wrote:
> Here is the changelog for 1.4.0
> Anything that should be added or removed for tomorrows announcement?
> ios
> Becky Gibson (5):
>      fixes CB-143 removing address from iOS contact causes crash
>      fixes CB-153 - Camera default destination should be FILE_URI
>      Refs #cb-7 Update source headers to apache license
>      fixes CB-42 MediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction can now be set to NO
>      Update contacts so displayContact closes properly
> Jesse (3):
>      project files imported using local syntax, and not framework syntax
>      added stand-alone PGViewController
>      added whitelist support, and more complete interface with readonly props
> Shazron Abdullah (24):
>      Fixed iOS 5 quirks with presenting/dismissing modal viewcontrollers.
>      Fixed the (PGPlugin.viewController == null) problem for pre-1.4 projects using
PhoneGap > 1.3
>      Fixed PGViewController PhoneGap.plist settings - settings were set before the
webView was created.
>      Added missing steps to "How to use PhoneGap as a Component" doc.
>      Added 'How to Use PhoneGap as a Component' doc to the .dmg  (as a PDF)
>      Fixes for legacy support of deprecated PhoneGapDelegate - in core plugins.
>      Update to template file AppDelegate.m (new PGCommandDelegate interface function
>      Removed PhoneGapLibTest folder.
>      Added Apache v2 license to strings files.
>      Updated the app icons, splash-screens, and template icons for the Xcode template.
>      Added Battery core plugin to PhoneGap.plist
>      Updated files to contain Apache v2 license in the header
>      Added PhoneGap version number to top of license.js
>      Updated files to contain Apache v2 license in the header
>      Updated VERSION to 1.4.0rc1 and added release notes
>      Re-factored to use PGViewController more effectively (has iPad view scaling problems
>      Fixed iPad sizing problem.
>      Fixed MainViewController pathing problem in .xcodeproj
>      Fixed comment problem (no /* */ comments allowed) - substituted with //
>      Fixed incomplete protocol problem.
>      Updated FAQ item #7, updated testing section
>      Added the "PhoneGap Upgrade Guide" doc.
>      Fixed incorrect alignment of splashscreen image at startup because of recent
Cleaver changes.
>      Updated VERSION to 1.4.0
> shazron (18):
>      Got PGViewController working, with no splash screen support yet.
>      Fixed startPage crash on a .framework based project.
>      Added splash screen code to PGViewController (not working properly yet)
>      Fixed splashscreens in new PGViewController.
>      Removed UIWebView.scalesPagesToFit = YES to match legacy setting of NO.
>      Fixes unit-test failures (re: File tests)
>      Usage of PGCommandDelegate in new AppDelegate.h/.m
>      Renamed PhoneGapDelegate to PGAppDelegate. PhoneGapViewController removed. This
is a breaking change. The old classes will be re-added later and deprecated for upgrades.
>      Re-added legacy (now deprecated) classes PhoneGapDelegate and PhoneGapViewController.
>      Added missing (deprecated) header files to PhoneGap target.
>      Fixed runtime error (missing selector) for PGURLProtocol - for pre-1.4 generated
>      Fixed missing symbols (for deprecated classes) in a PhoneGap.framework based
project that has been upgraded to use 1.4
>      First draft of Cleaver HOWTO
>      Factored out NSDictionary+LowercaseKeys category to prevent duplicate symbol
>      PGViewController - made wwwFolderName and startPage as properties to allow easy
>      How to use PhoneGap as a Component - documentation complete.
>      Modified instructions to always start with an action word.
>      Typo in selector that prevented a PGPlugin's viewController property from being
> blackberry
> Fil Maj (5):
>      #124: Adding Battery events to the PlayBook.
>      #153: Default for camera destination type changed from DATA_URL to FILE_URI.
>      #CB-122: native JSON writer class needs expandable char buffer
>      1.4.0rc1
>      1.4.0
> Jeffrey Heifetz (1):
>      Fixing playbook plugin manager
> android
> Anis Kadri (1):
>      fixing whitelist handling
> Bryce Curtis (5):
>      Change API to postMessage() to call a plugin's onMessage() method.
>      Optimize enumerations as suggested by @plowman.
>      Fix  CB-135 Multithreaded access on CallbackServer javascript object.
>      Added license header to new files.
>      Remove unused files/classes until they are needed.
> Joe Bowser (9):
>      Work-around Feature for Classic PhoneGap 320x480 resolution
>      Fixing scale, setting legacy scale
>      Removing GapView, since it doesn't actually do anything
>      Moving LinearLayoutSoftKeyboardDetect out into its own class and making it more
>      Editing a comment about LinearLayoutSoftKeyboardDetect
>      Changing to use JS directly. There are issues with this approach, and it should
use the KeyboardHandler
>      Moved Chrome Client out of
>      Moving the WebViewClient out, allowing for PhoneGap to not break on empty console.log
>      Removing the classic render feature, since it's not working properly
> Jukka Zitting (2):
> Replace "PhoneGap" with "Cordova" and add incubation disclaimer
>      Minor incubation disclaimer fix.
> Libby Baldwin (1):
>      add compass demo for Android
> Olivier Brand (2):
>      Added authentication framework
>      Renamed crdentials/principals to userName/password
> Peter Ehrlich (1):
>      documentation additions
> William Shen (1):
>      Changed createCaptureFile to explicitly check for PNG and to throw an IllegalArgumentException
if it is not a JPEG nor a PNG
> alunny (4):
>      adding JUnit dependency
>      reading preferences from phonegap.xml
>      using preference=fullscreen for fullscreen view
>      making preference reading code more robust
> macdonst (12):
>      Fix for issue #281 of phonegap/phonegap-android: Detect for localStorage if Java
has disabled it
>      Fix for Issue #33: onReceivedError incorrectly sets openExternal to true
>      Fix NullPointerException in DroidGap.onMeasure()
>      Fixing issue with FileTransfer.upload when the passed in url contains a ?
>      Proved generating sqlite database path to open database without permission error
>      Camera default destination should be FILE_URI
>      CB-145: Android crashes for native contacts.
>      CB-199: fails on Android 4.0
>      Allow internal SD Card to be used as storage
>      Fixing a timing issue with the web view history not being cleared properly
>      Updating version to 1.4.0rc1
>      Updating version to 1.4.0
> windows
> Jesse MacFadyen (14):
>      Acceleromter fix #CB-141 - InvariantCulture
>      Changed default destination to FILE_URI
>      Contacts returned from find were not formatted. CB-157
>      Audio playback issue CB-142
>      Redirect issue trackers to apache
>      Wrong slash :: CB-184
>      Removed unnecessary navigation blocking for # CB-185
>      Added js Connection.CELL for generic cellular connection.
>      Fix for single document - multipage layouts
>      Added VERSION file to be like other platforms.
>      Fixes for loading local XHR using file API, and still using default for remote
XHR. responseXML returns document for local files.
>      updated phonegap.js to include XHR updates
>      Compass API fixes
>      1.4.0 version changes
> webos
> Herm Wong (1):
>      update version file to 1.4.0
> bada
> Anis Kadri (4):
>      Updating phonegap version
>      ignoring unsed files
>      upating version 1.4.0rc
>      updating to 1.4.0

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