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From Brian>
Subject Re: Your coding practices and documentation are not done well.
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 21:54:11 GMT
Geez, really sorry to hear that experience Peter. This definitely is
not the experience we want developers to have and I appreciate that
you took the time to share your frustration with us. I myself would
probably have given up.

To echo Patrick and Fil: please do not hesitate to give us this the form of bugs, and if you are willing patches. Another
good avenue for help is either our irc #phonegap or many of us camp
out on the search term 'phonegap' on twitter. This list is also a good
place to escalate.

The whitelist feature does need love. My feeling is that it should be
* by default but thats probably better left for a different thread of
discussion. Hopefully our new wiki will be up in short order so we can
better document it. =/

One other small point, the phonegap.js file is currently being
refactored into a single file across platforms in a much nicer, more
modern, cleaner and better architected style. This doesn't directly
solve the whitelist issue but will make debugging of this nature much
less of a black art!

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 1:38 PM, Filip Maj <> wrote:
> Thanks for your e-mail Peter. We are still transitioning into Apache from
> a previous "run-n-gun" type of organizational structure so there will be
> some amount of time where we're all a little out of sync. Additionally we
> don't have many full-time developers working on the project at the moment
> (by my count somewhere around 6), to cover five different mobile platform
> implementations + cross-platform documentation ... We would love
> contributions from you if you feel you can make it better!
> On 12-01-13 12:03 PM, "Peter Ehrlich" <> wrote:
>>I have just gone through a couple days of frustration and circles due to
>>unexplained error message.  It turned out to be a problem with the
>>whitelist (which is broken), multiplied by indescriptive errors which only
>>show up on some API versions, and coupled with strong counter indications
>>as to what the issue really was caused by.
>>I'm sorry I can't cast this message in a more positive tone, but I'm more
>>frustrated than inspired at the moment.  I've linked to the thread at the
>>bottom of this message.
>>The bottom line is that I think the product you're all working so hard to
>>produce would benefit strongly from a concentrated focus on cross-team
>>communication/synchronization, documentation, and cross-platform
>>documentation.  (Or maybe I'm just a pampered Rails developer?)  I might
>>even suggest moving from the existing wiki system to the github one, so as
>>users will be encouraged to contribue through having existing accounts.
> Unfortunately this is not an option under Apache. My understanding is that
> the wiki and source code servers must be on Apache infrastructure, so
> moving forward GitHub will be less of a de-facto collaboration point. We
> are still working on bringing the wiki up online, so once we have all of
> the infrastructure figured out we will be sure to update the community.

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