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From Peter Ehrlich <>
Subject Re: Your coding practices and documentation are not done well.
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2012 02:48:15 GMT
> Peter, we hear you loud and clear. This was a pain point for the entire
> PhoneGap crew as well and we fought really hard, together with the CouchDB
> team and with the help of most/all of our Apache mentors to even get git
> approved as an acceptable form of source control! This project would not
> be at the level of popularity and exposure it currently enjoys without the
> help of github and its community, so transitioning to us from github to
> Apache infrastructure has been tough, but I know I am motivated to make it
> as easy and close to github as possible in terms of collaboration and
> exposure. If it's any solace, Apache git repositories that houses our code
> are mirrored over to, and you can fork those repos and
> send pull requests to that as you would with any other github repository.

Do they read this list? (heh)

> >Pick one repository (perhaps a new callback/cordova replacing
> >callback/phonegap) to be the master repo.  Link all other repos here for
> >general links, discussions, help, and wiki.  On this page include how to
> >contribue, the location of the google groups, your twitter handle, links
> >to
> >plugins and the API docs, and so on.
> This seems pretty reasonable too. Given we have multiple repositories (one
> for each platform), perhaps including a succinct version of this info in
> each repo's README would suffice?

Although it sounds benign, I'd hesitate to repeat information.  Not only is
it more work to maintain (which means it wont get done as often, as as
well, or that doing so will take away from good coding time) , but gives
users the job of verifying that it is the same on every repo, or being
caught when that's not the case.

> >I haven't tested yet, but try checking to be sure its never more than 2
> >clicks to go between what you're reading and a way to fix what you're
> >reading.
> I think some kind of "feedback" widget on the docs site used to exist (it
> would be visible on any page as a little tab on the side of your screen
> that slides out), but has been since removed. My understanding is that
> it's coming back soon.

Much better to have a way to edit directly, than a feedback 'black hole'.
 Among other reasons (again, less work for the team, and no doubt as to
value), it eases people in to ownership of sections of the project, and
gets them involved.

> I've started a new thread on the mailing list about how we can modify our
> documentation repository to address this issue (as well as merging in the
> various guides into the cordova docs repo). Hopefully
> we can get to a consensus there and start making the necessary
> modifications, and bring those online! If you have any suggestions, please
> chime in on that thread so we can get some more movement on that one.

Which mailing list?  I just took a look on the google group, but didn't see


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