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From Quim Gil <>
Subject Re: [callback-qt] Qt 5, WebKit2 & Qt Quick
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 18:28:32 GMT
The main developers of the PhoneGap for Qt 4 project believe that the 
work on Qt 5 should be simple. Let's see if I can explain why it's not 
based on my own learnings - while the real WebKit and QtWebKit 
maintainers explain their views on the project.

On 01/11/2012 10:51 PM, ext Viras wrote:
 > I'm not sure if there is really that much to do.

I wish you are right  :) but at least the WebKit developers at Nokia 
believe that the change to Qt 5 is indeed significant.

WebKit2 is basically a new API. The WebKit(1) API is being left behind.

The API for QtWebKit(1) was based on QWidget, but QWidget is an optional 
module in Qt 5 and it may well be that mobile platforms don't ship it at 

Qt 4 has the convenient QtWebKit Bridge mechanism to connect WebKit/JS 
with C++ native objects. But QtWebKit Bridge is really tied to Qt 4 and 
is not making it as such to Qt 5.


 > That way porting to Qt5 most probably will be the work of a few
 > afternoons (after all, I re-wrote the whole Qt4 code in a few days as a
 > single person).

I don't know how many afternoons will it take to get the PhoneGap API 
fully covered in Qt 5.

But I specially don't know how many extra afternoons will be needing to 
get a release stable and with a good level of performance. It doesn't 
seem to be a trivial task for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone ports, 
so I'm not expecting this to be trivial for Qt 5 either.


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