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From Bryce Curtis <>
Subject Re: Cordova-Android now up-to-date in the ASF Git Repo
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 19:56:27 GMT
I was able to set up git and clone, so Android must be good.  Are we 
ready to use the apache git for commits from now on?  How are pull 
requests made and what is the easiest way to commit/approve them?

On 1/3/12 1:27 PM, Patrick Mueller wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 14:08, Joe Bowser<>  wrote:
>> I've synced up the changes for Cordova-Android, and after going through the
>> process, I think it makes sense if each platform maintainer just does a
>> push up to their respective repositories the changes that they have been
>> maintaining to date.  This way, we can be sure that most people are set up
>> to commit to the new repositories, and I won't have to sift through things
>> that I'm unfamiliar with.  I see that Patrick has already done this with
>> weinre, which tipped me off.
>> Are we doing this right?
> I think this is exactly what we want to do, modulo having to do global
> "mark read"s on the torrent of emails flowing into my new filtered
> "commits" label in GMail.  :-)  Would be nice to get a single push's
> commit's bundled into one message, but I reckon this flood is a one-time
> thing, so ... no worries.
> Actually, just checked the email, and they're coming from "
>" - I suppose we should create new
> ml's for the 3 "callback" ml's we have, to "cordova" ones.

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