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From Drew Walters <>
Subject Playbook code merge discussion
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 15:49:46 GMT
I've been playing around with the latest callback-blackberry code
which has been merged to include playback support and I have run into
some things which are worth noting/discussing/fixing.  For reference
the code change is here:

I've listed below some things which existing BlackBerry developers
will need to be made aware of in order to update their existing
projects to 1.3. I've also added notes prefixed with '*' which I feel
are defects or at least require further discussion.

    - PhoneGap feature is now "com.phonegap" instead of "phonegap".

    - This is a proper renaming of media.js.
        * Problem is media.js was not deleted so both capture.js and
media.js are included and are identical.

    - console.log is now only defined if console is undefined.
Previously console.log was always defined.
        * I've been testing on OS 6 and console.log never gets defined
since console is defined.  This results in console.log not working.
I've had to use phonegap.Logger.log instead.

    - Properties previously defined in the file are now prefixed with
"blackberry".  New properties added for "playbook".
        * I'm confused by "blackberry.sim.password".  Description says
"If you leave this field blank, then you cannot deploy to simulator".
I believe this is misleading since the only usage I see for it in
blackberry.xml is to load the device (not simulator).

    - Camera and Capture functionality is now handled by blackberry
javascript API instead of native plugins.
        * This is a step backwards as the blackberry javascript API
lacks some features implemented by the native plugins.  Just to name a
few: specifying image size for the Camera, and audio recording for

    - Build has been split up into blackberry.xml and playbook.xml.
    - Building a phone app now requires "ant blackberry build" where
before it was "ant build".

    - PhoneGap feature is now "com.phonegap" instead of "phonegap".
    - New permissions, blackberry.identity,
blackberry.ui.dialog, blackberry.system.
        * I'm confused why blackberry.identity and blackberry.system
were added since they already exist in the file.  I'm also not sure
what is requiring blackberry.ui.dialog.

    - "Device" is a new required plugin.

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