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From Gord Tanner <>
Subject Re: CommonJS and AMD (and, not or)
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 16:20:54 GMT
I am switching out browser-require for require.js in a branch today to see
what this would feel like for a developer.

I have no preference as to which module system we use so I am going to give
this a go today to learn AMD modules / requireJS and get a feel for how it
would look in phonegap.js development.


On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 7:31 AM, Patrick Mueller <> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 20:55, James Burke <> wrote:
> > That doc mentions how require.js can be used in dev, to get individual
> > files loaded for debugging, but then have it build down to just one
> > file that uses the small almond implementation of AMD.
> >
> At this point I'm fine with using AMD as our module implementation, and
> something the size of almond as our deployment runtime, for folks who want
> to do a "build".  I'm not sure what we do about an AMD runtime that needs
> to load modules dynamically though.  Do we ship one of these with Cordova?
>  Which one?  Is it replaceable?  If we ship RequireJS, can I replace it
> with curl or pinf?
> Also not clear regarding not-quite-standardized stuff in AMD, like configs
> and plugins. Do all the AMD runtimes support these?  Where is it spec'd?
> As for file conversions, for plain JS and AMD, an almond-type loader
> > is fine, and for dev, requirejs can handle both of those. For CommonJS
> > or node modules, the guidance could just be "make sure you convert to
> > AMD before you bring it into your phonegap project, here is a utility
> > to do that".
> Keep in mind that at least one person in the world (me) prefers to develop
> with the same runtime and semantics that I'll be using at deployment time,
> meaning I'm going to develop with almond.
> This implies I'm going to need to do a build.  I needed to do one anyway,
> I'm using LESS, CoffeeScript, etc.  Applying AMD wrappers over CommonJS
> code just adds a few more milliseconds to the build.  This is essentially
> how the build for weinre works, as I noted previously in this thread.
> So, there's actually a workflow which supports authoring your modules in
> CommonJS.  Your guidance of "make sure you convert to AMD before you bring
> it into your phonegap project" seems to imply that you can't.  Not only can
> you use CommonJS modules, you can author your own CommonJS modules in your
> project, if you're willing to live with the constraint of a build.  Of
> course, you are free to author your module in AMD format as well.
> --
> Patrick Mueller

Gord Tanner
Senior Developer / Code Poet
tinyHippos Inc.

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